Los Proyectos AMANAC se presentan en la feria ECOBUILD de Londres

01 Feb2016

Los Proyectos AMANAC se presentan en la feria ECOBUILD de Londres

Fuente: EcoBuild

Fuente: AMANAC Project

Discover novel materials for building and construction at the AMANAC project exhibits at Ecobuild 2016, 8-10 March, ExCel London

Find us at Booths E4103, E4105, E4106, E4109, and E4111 in the Ecobuild Innovation Pavilion in the Sustainable Design and Construction área

The Advanced Material and Nanotechnology Cluster (AMANAC) projects focus on the development of novel materials for energy efficient and sustainable buildings and construction; they range from lightweight components, novel insulation materials for improved energy efficiency of buildings, materials that contribute to an improved indoor environmental quality and comfort, materials for smart windows, and sustainable materials, including recycled materials, for construction.

Come visit us to learn about the newest developments of the following projects:
1. ELISSA – Energy Efficient Lightweight-Sustainable Safe Steel Construction (Lightweight Components Thematic; http://elissaproject.eu)
2. Foambuild – Functional adaptive nano-materials and technologies for energy efficient buildings (Lightweight Components Thematic; http://elissaproject.eu)
3. HOMESKIN – Thinner insulation systems based on Advanced Aerogel-Based Composites (Novel Insulation Materials Thematic; http://homeskin.net)
4. ECO-SEE – Eco-innovative, Safe and Energy Efficient wall panels and materials for a healthier indoor environment (Indoor Environment Quality Thematic; http://www.eco-see.eu)
5. SUS-CON – Sustainable innovative energy-efficient concrete (Low Embodied Energy Materials Thematic; http://www.sus-con.eu)

The Cluster exhibition is organised by AMANAC-CSA (Coordinating Support Action) that aims to create an effective and long lasting collaboration and coordination platform among the AMANAC projects to increase their impact. These projects have been approved in the frame of the Energy Efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnership (EeB-PPP) of the European Commission, whose activities address development of materials, components and systems for the improvement of the energy efficiency in the built environment.

Visit http://amanac.eu for more details about the AMANAC project news, see our product gallery and wiki and learn about our past and future activities and events.

AMANAC at EcoBuild

AMANAC at EcoBuild

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